Floor Plans WITH furniture

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A floor plan – hand drawn with Indian ink and watercolour – carefully painted with an eye on details to express the potential of each living, commercial or office space. Rely on Planimetrie.net. Seeing is believing!

Starting from every plan you own, even a cadastral or drawn one, you will get a plain and intuitive floor plan which will help expressing the estate’s potential and move emotions.

If you are an estate agent, a builder or a private customer who wants to sell or rent his/her property, publish the painted floor plan in the real-estate listing and it will play a key role because it helps understanding the sun exposure, the functional organisation and the size of the environments and also makes it easy to understand not only the arranging of the rooms, but even the development of the building in terms of its volume. Use a distintive mark! Stand out! And if you are an Estate Agent, use the painted floor plans even in your agency’s showcases or give them in the customer’s hand to conquer him/her.

Our painted floor plans are ideal for those who own an accommodation structure, either small or big, because they allow to show – even on a website – the location and the room’s arrangement. But they are also very nice put into frames and hung on hotel’s walls and corridors, to explain guests where they are and what is nearby (gyms, restaurants, wellness zones and leisure spaces). Time has come to stand out!

Hand drawn, one by one, without AutoCAD software and sent in PDF format with your logo. 

If you need technical and commercial help, or you just want a personalized estimate, send an email to info@planimetrie.net or call +39 377.6886773.