Gianmarco Toscano

Gianmarco Toscano Estate Agent, Home Stager and Professional Designer.He knows very well the world of houses in all its aspects. He writes – as a Design Expert – for many magazines like Susanna Messaggio’s BeYonder (with the BE DESIGN column), LifestyleMADEINITALY (with the SWEET HABITAT column), ZankYou magazine, which is sold in 20 countries all over the world, and many others.
He draws home furnishing for firms and factories in the furnishing business. Even Tessa Gelisio has chosen him for his creative ideas in her Ecocentrica blog. In 2014 he begins his cooperation with Diego Dalla Palma,  Gilia ITALIA’s spokesperson, the firm which Marco is the sole administrator. The “Maestro” Dalla Palma wrote the preface to Marco’s forthcoming second book, ´UNCONVENTIONAL DESIGN´. He created the service which offers Indian ink and watercolour drawn floor plans, founding the website, which works for Italy and Germany.