Terms of sale

1- The production times are really short, considering that every single floor plan is hand painted in china and watercolour and they consist in 10 solar days (from the sending of the files to be reproduced, by filling out the relevant form at this page https://www.planimetrie.uk/Richiedi-Planimetrie-Dipinte.htm). The sent plan, to be reproduced in china, must be well readable and include highlighted measurements and dimensions, moreover, it has to contain a descriptive card that details any furnishing indication.

2- No planning interventions will be carried out by Planimetrie.net’s consultants – unless elsewhere agreed in written form – but they will agree to carry out the furniture positioning indications (in case of the purchasing of floor plans with furniture) or the arrangement of the internal decks and perimeter walls, in case of purchasing only a floor plan (without furniture) which will be provided by the customer during service’s requesting phase.

3- The reproduction in china and watercolour is meant for rooms (for civil dwelling or commercial purposes) on a single floor, within 130 square meters (considering the total sum of the square meters of the interior spaces plus any outdoor space). If the rooms’ area exceeded 130 square meters or if they were divided over multiple elevations, more designs (i.e. one for each floor and/or for multiples of 130 square meters) have to be bought. More designs will have to be considered even in case of several apartments on the same floor, to be painted in china and watercolour, even if they fall within the 130 square meters total.

4- Once the floor plan has been produced, it will not be possible modify it. In this case, if a new one has to be produced with the appropriate modifications, the service must be purchased again or, in the case of pay-as-you-go packages, it will be scaled down from the remaining floor plans unless obvious errors by Planimetrie.net have occurred. Only if there are errors attributed to Planimetrie.net, the service will be performed again for free.

5- No inspection by the consultants of Planimetrie.net is foreseen.

6- The customer will receive a file in pdf and jpeg format showing the china and watercolour painted floor plan of the required rooms, with furniture or without it – according to the purchased service – in A4 format (in portrait or landscape orientation, according to the layout needs at the discretion of Planimetrie.net) with any Customer’s logo (if previously sent by the customer – optional). The floor plans will not be exactly scaled (for example, 1:100 – 1:200) because they are not executive technical drawings but just handmade. However, the proportions of the spaces will be respected. The floor plans will be downloadable from your reserved area on time from the order along with the invoice.

7- No courier and/or mail shipment (files will be sent to the Customer in digital format) is foreseen, nor withdrawals at Planimetrie.net’s locations. The whole service is carried out online and remotely.

8- Planimetrie.net is not obliged, with the purchase of this service, to develop the executive project, nor to follow the evolution of the work on site.

9- It is not allowed to publish the Planimetrie.net’s floor plans without having obtained written permission from the Planimetrie.net management, whether they are – but not exhaustively – magazines, blogs, print magazines, websites. Real estate agencies which have purchased the service, without any written approval, are authorized to publish the floor plans both on their website and in the various portals of real estate listings.

10- PAYMENTS. We accept all credit cards, PayPal and bank transfer. By paying with PayPal we will fulfil the order faster.