Terms of sale

1- The lead time is very short, considering that each floor plan is hand drawn and painted with Indian ink and watercolour, and we are talking about 10 solar days (from the sending of the files to be drawn, filling the provided form – which can be found in your private area – once the order has been fulfilled). The sent floor plan, to be drawn with Indian ink, has to be readable, measures and heights have to be highlighted, moreover, it has to bear a data sheet with possible furnishing modifications. The lead time can be shortened, paying an extra price of 7 € for each floor plan (to gain a 5 days lead time from the sending of the floor plan which has to be drawn).

2- Gilia ITALIA’s consulting staff won’t take part in any planning operation, but it will follow indications – provided by the customer during the request phase – concerning the positioning of furniture (in case of floor plans with furniture) or that of dividing and external, walls in case a single floor plan (without furniture).

3- The reproduction with Indian ink and watercolour is meant for buildings (houses or stores) on a single floor, within 130 m² (total amount of the internal plus the external environment areas). If the room’s area should be more than 130 m² or if the rooms should spread on more floors, more than one plan has to be bought (which is one floor plan for each floor and/or for multiples of 130 m²). More than one single plan should be bought in case of more than one apartment in the same floor, even if they are within the overall 130 m².

4- Once the floor plan has been made, it won’t be no longer modifiable. In that case, if a new modified one is needed, the customer has to newly buy the service or, in case of a floor plan block, it will be docked from the remaining plans, unless it has been a Gilia ITALIA’s evident mistake.

5- No inspection by Gilia ITALIA’s consultants is meant to take place.

6- The customer will get the file in pdf and jpeg format. It will contain the scanning of the hand drawn – with Indian ink and water paint – floor plan of the requested room(s), with furniture, without furniture or with environments, on the basis of the bought service, in A4 or A3 format (in vertical or horizontal layout, at Gilia ITALIA’s discretion) eventually with the customer’s logo (if already loaded in his/her private area at www.planimetrie.net). The floor plans and the invoice will be downloadable from one’s own private area in the order’s allotted time.

7- The sending of the floor plans is not meant to be done through a courier and/or postal service (the files will be digitally sent to the Customer). The floor plans are not meant to be picked up at Gilia ITALIA’s headquarter. The whole service is provided remotely and on-line.

8- The Customer, during the buying phase, can choose to insert Planimetrie.net’s logo into the floor plans or his/her own.

9- Gilia ITALIA is not obliged, by buying its service, to develop an executive plan and neither to follow the construction site.

10- TRY OUR SERVICE FOT 7 €. The best way to persuade the public about the quality of Planimetrie.net is by permitting to test it directly. This service is only meant for Estate Agencies (in whole Germany). Just one floor plan can be requested by a new customer provided with a VAT registration number. He/her can buy the test floor plan only paying with PayPal or credit card. The floor plan has to respect the terms of sale which can be found in this page and shall not exceed 130 m².

For every information call Gilia ITALIA at +39 377 6886773
or send an email at info@planimetrie.net.